Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Subtle Cords

I have said that I like to match my nails to the outfits that I wear to work. Usually I have an idea for an outfit and then come the nails. So when I picked out the outfit that I'm wearing tomorrow, I kinda had a nail design in mind. Little did I know how hard it would be to photograph!! It took me FOREVER to get a half way decent shot of it!! I think the problem was that the mani is a chrome on chrome. The camera flash was just bouncing all over the place. And it was too dark without a flash. Finally, I got a couple of shots!!

I call it Subtle Cords...

By now you know that I love China Glaze!! I used 2 coats of Cords as the base. And then used
Metallic Muse for the stamping!! Using plate m64, I had a cute, little plaid design!!

I hope that you enjoyed!!


  1. That is a gorgeous manicure. I love China Glaze also. I used to have more OPI. Now I have 5 times as many China Glaze.

  2. Thanks, Lucy!! I just wish that it would have been easier to photograph!! It was a bear!! The picture dosen't do it justice!! I would have more OPI if I didn't live in such a rural area. There is only one place in my town that carries a very limited supply!! But, China Glaze helps me find my happy place as far as nail polishes go!! LOL!!

  3. i like the combination u used...i found ur blog through konaddict & im loving ur blog so far & im looking forward for ur more konadicure... btw about the software ur asking.. im only using adobe photoshop CS3 brushes...thanks for ur comment on my page.. have a great week.. keep safe!!