Monday, October 26, 2009

Under the Weather!!

Hey Faithful Readers!!

I'm so sorry for my lack of posts!! But I have been awfully sick!! I have severe bronchitis!!!
The Dr. said had I came in a day later she would have put me in the hospital with pneumonia!!
I have had to miss several days of work and am still finding it hard to breath. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have asthma!! Friends, I been sick!!! Still it is no excuse for not postin.
So I promise that when I can breath again, I'll post!! Just keep your fingers crossed (unless their wet with nail polish) that I'll be up and running soon!!



  1. Of course being sick is a good reason not to post! Don't be silly, you health comes first.
    Hope you feel better soon. Asthma and bronchitis is a nasty combo.

  2. Thanks bunches Kirsten!! This is the sickest I've been in a long time. You can hear me rattle from across the room when I breath. YUCKY!! I haven't even done a konadicure in the last 3 days, my poor nails are feeling left out!! :( But thanks again for the sweet words!!

  3. {{{HUGE HUG}}}
    feel better hun!
    sleep lots and just veg!
    don't even think about posting!
    we will miss you, but you need to get well!

  4. OMG, don't be ridiculous! You get better and then you can post. I'm so sorry your so bad. I've had bad bronchitis before and it takes a long time to recover from it. So take your time and get well. (((Big hugs)))

  5. Hope you feel better soon . Don't worry about posting , take care of yourself , you don't want to be in the hospital .