Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You Make Me Smile Award-Tag

I have been awarded the you make me smile award/tag by none other the the fab Christy from Kronicles of a Konader!!

Christy, thanks so much!! Your blog is an inspiration and your talents never fail to amaze me!!

Number one tag rule... I have to post a song that makes me smile!! This was harder for me than it sounded!! I LOVE MUSIC.!! It is hard for me to pick just one favorite!! Jason Mraz 's "I'm Yours" crossed my mind, and so did Jimmy Buffett's "Volocano." I end up smiling every time I hear both of those songs. But on the way to work this morning I heard this song and saw myself smiling in the rear view mirror, and I just knew that Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" would be the song that I would pick. But it can't be embedded!! :( So, I found a silly song that was out on a few country station about a hundred years ago ;P .......


I have to say "Cow Patty" just cracks me up!!! It's not one of the songs that I would listen everyday, but it does bring a smile!!

Now I tag...
in random order...

Jennifer from Konaddict
Jennifer has provided me with tons of information and inspiration!!
Her blog is my holy grail!! I won my first contest from Jennifer!!
Just Love ya Girl!!! :)

Sasse from Sasse's 'nad Stamping Stampede
Awsome blog!! Super information and swatches!!
And don't forget about her "over the counter" nail polish list!!
A list of everyday polishes that work for stamping!!

Thriazha from FAB UR NAILS
Wonderful design ideas and super photos!!
She is very helpful and inspiring!! Hop on over and
check out her blog!! It's FAB!!

Lisa at Nail Art World
This blog has some of the neatest Konad's I've seen!!
They are fancy and oh-la-la!!
And her profile pic of Miss Piggy always makes me giggle!!

I had many more blogs I wanted to tag, but someone beat me to the punch!!
Anyway, thanks again Christy for my very first tag!!

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  1. You are so very welcome!
    And thank you for all those sweet compliments!